Michelle has an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University and a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing & Fine Arts from Bath Spa University. She has held exhibitions in both Bath and North Devon, most recently at Walcot Chapel in Bath, the Landmark in Ilfracombe and the Flying Fish Gallery as part of the North Devon Festival. She's also worked on a variety of editorials in her capacity as both an artist and a writer, and is working on two contemporary fantasy novels - 'The Bookfinder' about a magical Renaissance painting, and 'Curious' about quantum physics, archaeology and ancient magic - plus a third 'The Tower', an historical novel with fantasy elements.

Michelle works with metallic and matte acrylics on canvas, adding layer upon layer of thin paint to create depth and movement within her paintings which can alter - sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly - according to the strength and angle of the light source. She also digitally enhances and manipulates photographs of her work to create additional abstract images as part of a wider exploration regarding altered perceptions.

Influenced by Kandinsky - who believed that colour, like sound, evoked emotion - Michelle revels in the use of vibrant colours and their resonating power to stimulate emotions and stretch the mind. She says: "By stretching one's ability to perceive everything around us in new and sometimes unexpected ways, a foundation can be created from which to challenge the perceptions of others, especially those who would deny the essence of individuality."'